Daitona Carter

카터 데이토나


I've dedicated my life to improving "the situation". Whether it be marketing, public relations or tweaking technologies; my end has always been to provide predicted and actual assessments that allow any professional, business or organization to advance and progressively improve. In plain English? I'm a consultant. That "go-to person." When one needs to figure out how to make something happen or work, they call Daitona.

Currently, I am working on creating a few businesses abroad. I am hoping to open a retail store, launch a subscription box service, strengthen tourism and contribute to nightlife and entertainment options in South Korea.

저는 미국의 사업가이자 컨설턴트입니다. 저의 주 업종은 엔터테인먼트, 기술, 교육 파트 입니다. 현재 저는 한국에서의 두가지 프로젝트건이 있습니다. 첫째는 인공지능쪽 기술 스타트업이고, 두번째는 글로벌 셀럽들이 관심있어하는 한국의 사업에 대해 컨설팅 서비스를 제공하고 있습니다. 추가로 더 알고 싶으시다면 메세지 회신바랍니다.

Entrepreneurial Experience:

  • Retail Store (Wedding/Party Planning)
  • Travel Agency
  • Luxury Lifestyle Management
  • Mobile Healthcare Services
  • Professional Business Services
  • Digital Communications Firm
  • Music Consultancy
  • Academic and Educational Services
  • Korean Entertainment Services
  • Digital Forensics + Software Engineering + Web Development
  • International Entertainment Industry; "MENA"(Middle East and North Africa) + Asia
  • Tech Lab (Artificial Intelligence + Robotics + AR/VR)
  • Subcribe for Updates
    Contact Me:

    Text: 646 - 713 - 0144
    Email: simplydaitona[@]gmail[com]

    Linkedin: Linkedin.com/in/daitonacarter
    Facebook: Facebook.com/therealdaitona
    Github: Github.com/dc500