Daitona Carter

카터 데이토나

Currently working on awesome projects in NYC, LA, and Seoul.

I've dedicated my life to improving "the situation". Whether it be marketing, public relations or tweaking technologies; my end has always been to provide predicted and actual assessments that allow any professional, business or organization to advance and progressively improve. In plain English? I'm a consultant. That "go-to person." When one needs to figure out how to make something happen or work, they call Daitona.

Currently, I am working on creating a few businesses abroad. I am hoping to open a retail store, launch a subscription box service, strengthen tourism and contribute to nightlife and entertainment options in South Korea.

Entrepreneurial Accomplishments:

  • Retail Store (Wedding/Party Planning)
  • Travel Agency
  • Luxury Lifestyle Management
  • Mobile Healthcare Services
  • Professional Business Services
  • Digital Communications Firm
  • Music Consultancy
  • Academic and Educational Services
  • Digital Forensics + Software Engineering + Web Development
  • International Entertainment Industry; "MENA"(Middle East and North Africa) + Asia
  • Tech Lab (Artificial Intelligence + Robotics + AR/VR)
  • Subcribe for Updates
    Contact Me:

    Text: 646 - 713 - 0144
    Email: simplydaitona[@]gmail[com]

    Linkedin: Linkedin.com/in/daitonacarter
    Facebook: Facebook.com/therealdaitona
    Github: Github.com/dc500